24 September 2019

Sony State of Play September 2019: Live

Join me (h3rb1), along with WordsOfIvory and Kaldrac Live on Twitch At 8:50PM BST tonight, to watch and discuss the Sony State of Play.


h3rb1   [Twitter | Twitch ]
WordsOfIvory   [ Twitter | Twitch ]
Kaldrac   [ Twitter | Twitch ]

Missed the live broadcast? Watch the re-play!

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17 September 2019

Tutorial: Adding Music to your Twitch broadcast

Today's episode is a Console Streamer How-to!
I am going to provide a tutorial on adding ANY music to your twitch broadcast.

  • No Copyright strikes
  • No Content take downs
  • No muted VODs
  • No additional equipment needed (no capture card, no mixer)
  • BONUS: Monetize Your Broadcast
PC users can benefit from this as well!

01 September 2019

Subtember on Twitch

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  • Beginning September 3 2019 through September 24 2019.
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