01 September 2019

Subtember on Twitch

Get 50% off your Tier 1 subscription to my twitch channel.

  • Beginning September 3 2019 through September 24 2019.
  • In partnership with Subway, Twitch is offering 50% off new Tier 1 subscriptions
  •  Bonus Bits! Subway is throwing in 10% more Bits when you Cheer 10 or more in the channel.
  • There’s even a limited-time sub sandwich Cheermote you can cheer with.
  • Sub Gifting! Subway will be gifting subscriptions — make sure to tune in throughout September.


The 50% Tier 1 subscription discount is only available through a web browser twitch.tv or subs.twitch.tv and the desktop app, but not on the Twitch Mobile Apps.

As always, there is no minimum commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the Subscription Management Page.