Loyalty Points

The more you watch the more you get!

What are these?

When you tune-in to the twitch channel, you will collect "Points" after 10 minutes of being in the chat during the live broadcast. Check the schedule for the live streaming dates and times.

The  bot will start issuing 10 point for every 10 minutes you are active in the stream and chat (after the initial 10 minute wait).

Want to check how many points you have?

+ Mobile/Desktop Check out The Leader Board
+ Type !points in the chat stream during the broadcast
+ On Twitch: Check the !leaderboard widget/panel below the live feed.

What can you do with the points?

1. Redeem points for virtual items on the Stream store.
2. Use points in chat to vote on Stream Events.
3. Use points in chat for Giveaway "tickets"

How can you earn more points?

Take Action in Chat:
+    5 Points for Host
+  25 Points for Follow
+ 100 Points for every 100 cheer bits
+ 100 Points for every $1 tipped
+ 250 Points for Subcribers


Points and Rewards have no monetary value (i.e., not a cash account or equivalent) and do not constitute currency or property of any type. Points reset at the end of the month, points cannot be sold or transferred, points cannot be refunded, points cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other goods or services. Events and Giveaways can be cancelled at any time (for any reason) and without advance notice