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If you enjoy the broadcast, feel free to !tip via StreamElements at your discretion. 

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Minimum $5 USD
Maximum $100 USD
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Ready go beyond tipping?

A monthly recurring subscription is the next level for your contribution.

With !flattr. You decide how much you want to contribute to the broadcast. 

Best of all, your subscription could be shared between all creators you !flattr, if you decide to do so.

Minimum $5 USD per Month
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Recurring contribution, 30 day cycle

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You can show your support (for free!) by:
  1.  Joining the channel at the scheduled broadcast date and time. Feel free to say "Hi" in the chat while you are here (but, only if you are NOT shy).
  2.  Sharing the channel url in your social media, with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers (don't spam, please!).
  3. Hosting the channel while I'm live!

I appreciate your contribution.

This program is made possible by my family, free time, and by contributions from Viewers Like You. Thank You!