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Hello chatter bugs! Avoid the BAN Hammer! 🔨
A few things we should expect from each other.

✅Please read/follow the Community Guidelines
✅Remember to have FUN!
✅Enjoy the stream.
✅Please be respectful of all types of people.
✅You must play to win
🚫No Racism (or Slurs) or Hate Speech.
🚫No Sexism.
🚫No Political Discrimination.
🚫No Religious Discrimination.
🚫No foul language or insulting of any kind.
🚫No Trolling.
🚫No self promoting or promoting others.
🚫No Spamming the chat
🚫No Age discussion.
🚫No spoilers
🚫Don't ask for a shoutout or free stuff.
🚫Don't be a Horace the Hate Bug


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