About Me


My name is h3rb1 Pronounced "Herbie"

I am a casual and relaxed gamer finding the balance between family, work, and having fun.

I like to keep it positive, always looking to connect and play with like minded people.

I also provide FREE in-game support.
  • Need a hard to get trophy?
  • Need a backup while you snipe?
  • Need cover fire while taking all of the kills?
  • Should I give you my last health pack?
Let me know in chat, I am here to help!


I am currently: Recording my triumphs to review later, in order to improve my skills.

By the numbers

  • 0 - 💳 Credit Cards
  • 1 - 👸 Wife
  • 2 - 🎥 Broadcasting days
  • 3 - 👶 Kids
  • 4 - 6 🕹 Average weekly streaming hours
  • 7 - 💪 Work days per week
I invite you to watch me live and join me on Twitch